Health in the Hood farms reconnect us to our food sources and empower us to grow our own food.

"Food is a great equalizer."

- Asha Walker

We are planting seeds to end food insecurity and create a healthier and more just society.

Filling Fridges Program
The filling fridges program provides over 500 grocery bags and healthy prepared meals every week.

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Community Gardens

We think unused space should be used to grow food. It’s that simple. 


Our community vegetable gardens transform vacant land in underserved neighborhoods into vibrant vegetable gardens. Health in the Hood gardens provide: 


  • Free local produce for children, families and individuals in food deserts

  • Jobs for local residents 

  • Educational opportunities for children and adults 

  • Community beautification and “greenification” 

All of the produce grown in Health in the Hood gardens is distributed for free to children and families, local food pantries, churches and community centers in food desert neighborhoods. With a year round growing season our crops include collard greens, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, herbs, green beans, strawberries, radishes, carrots, arugula, squash, cucumbers, potatoes, watermelon, kale, onions, okra, eggplant, potatoes and more!

Healthy Living Workshops

The gardens not only provide fresh foods, they are also our living classrooms. Our healthy living workshops are high energy, interactive nutrition and fitness programs centered around growing our own food. Our workshops include nutrition games, healthy eating competitions, cooking demonstrations, reading ingredient labels, food journaling, exercise obstacles courses, yoga and aerobics classes and more!

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Mobile Produce Pantry

Next time you’re on the road keep an eye out for the Health in the Hood mobile produce pantry. 

Our reconverted airport shuttle bus, looks more like the inside of a Whole Foods than a vegetable truck. And the best part? We can get free produce to more families in need!  

The Health in the Hood mobile produce pantry distributes free, fresh fruits and vegetables in food desert neighborhoods. Kids and families  are able to hop aboard our beautiful vegetable truck and choose their favorite fruits and vegetables in an inclusive and exciting environment. Think neighborhood ice cream truck, but stocked with MUCH healthier options!