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The method is simple: plant gardens, nourish families, strengthen communities, harvest health.
Health in the Hood encompasses a full solution to creating an impactful and sustainable initiative, rooted in a garden.

At Health in the Hood, we connect families to wellness through:
• Urban Farming
• Free produce distribution
• Nutrition Education
• Other community engagement programs

We create local food ecosystems to make healthy eating attainable, sustainable and fun!

Access to fresh food from local gardens is at the root of thriving communities.

It takes more than a garden to change behaviors.  It takes education, time, community building, and investments by local businesses to normalize and nurture change.


Founded by CEO, Asha Walker in 2013, Health in the Hood set out to connect communities to wellness with a simple idea - local vegetable gardens to feed, engage and empower communities in need.

We applied for funding, gathered community partners and constructed our first urban vegetable garden in Liberty City, Florida. Since then we have expanded to a network of nine urban farms and have distributed over 8,000 lbs of free fresh, local produce to families in need. Our programs include community driven urban farms, healthy living workshops and a mobile produce pantry.

By providing fresh foods and health education in low-income neighborhoods, we are putting children on the path to healthy futures, giving parents helpful information, and creating environments that make healthy choices an option.

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