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The Health in the Hood Meal Delivery Program is a complimentary, meal delivery service to your home or apartment.


This service will run from May 10 to July 2, 2021 delivering fully prepared meals to your home address each week.


Program Agreement

By enrolling in the Health in the Hood Meal Delivery Program, you consent to take part in a meal delivery service conducted by Health in the Hood and its service partners. By confirming your enrollment via text message, you agree to:

  • Receive prepared meals via contactless delivery

    • You will be required to meet the delivery driver outside at the curb to complete a contactless delivery.

    • You will receive the status of your delivery through text message updates. You will need to meet the driver at the time specified in the text messages.

    • If you do not meet the driver within five (5) minutes of his or her arrival, the driver will leave and you will not receive your meal for that day.

    • If you fail to meet the driver on two (2) instances during the program term, without alerting Health in the Hood in advance, you will be removed from the program and will not receive future meal deliveries.

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  • Opt-in to receive text messages on your delivery days during this time period

    • You must have texting capabilities and consent to any messaging or data rates that may apply.

  • Allow Health in the Hood to share your name, address, and mobile phone number with a delivery partner and its drivers for the sole purpose of facilitating the delivery of your prepared meals

    • You must verify that this information is correct and notify Health in the Hood if this information changes at any time during the program term.

For any questions on these terms, please call (786)-922-3597.

Program Details

How it works:

Before the program starts, you’ll receive a message informing you

which days of the week you can expect meal deliveries. These times

could be anytime Monday-Friday, between 11 AM – 7 PM.

On each delivery day, you’ll get a series of text messages letting you

know how close the driver is to your residence. Our driver will not exit the

vehicle, so upon arrival, you’ll need to go outside right away to meet the

driver and pick up your meals. It’s that easy! If you can’t find them or can’t

be home at the designated time, give us a call as soon as you know

at (786)-922-3597.


Who we are:

Founded in 2013, Health in the Hood set out to connect communities to

wellness with a simple idea; local vegetable gardens to feed and inform

communities in need. We applied for funding, gathered community

partners and constructed our first urban vegetable garden in

Liberty City, Florida. Since then, we have expanded to a network of nine urban farms and have distributed over 50,000 pounds of free fresh, local produce to families in need. Our programs include community driven urban farms, healthy living workshops, and a mobile produce pantry. This program will expand healthy living into delivery, bringing freshly prepared meals right to your home with the help of our delivery partners.


Who is eligible:

The meals are intended for individuals and families who:

  • Are unable to afford meal delivery or grocery delivery and have been impacted by COVID-19;

  • Live in the greater Miami-Dade County area; and

  • Have a household income under the poverty line

  • What if I won't be home?
    We can't make the delivery if someone isn’t home to retrieve the food. If you won’t be home, call us as soon as you can at (786) 922-3597. We can try to reschedule to another day or let you pick up the meals yourself at your convenience.
  • How I can share feedback?
    If you have any comments about the food, the driver, the schedule, or anything else about the program, please share your feedback at (786) 922-3597. We’d love to know any recommendations to improve the program.
  • What if I couldn't find my driver?
    If a delivery arrived, but you couldn’t find the vehicle, call us at (786) 922-3597. We’ll check that the address is correct and collect any extra info to find your residence. We cannot guarantee we’ll be able to deliver another set of meals.
  • What if I want to drop out?
    Give us call at (786)-922-3597 to remove yourself from the program.
  • What if I want to sign up?
    We can’t guarantee we’ll be accepting new applicants, but you can call us at (786) 922-3597 to check.
  • What's in the Delivery?
    Health in the Hood will provide a set of healthy, balanced pre-cooked meals. They will be refrigerated, so they’ll just need to be warmed up to eat. Each meal has a protein, a grain, and a vegetable. Every day might have different types of food, but they’ll always be focused on healthy eating! If you have any allergies or dietary requests, please call us at (786) 922-3597 for more info on the day’s meals. The number of meals will be based on the information shared at sign-up combined with our availability.
Information that you submit to Health in the Hood will only be used in furtherance of (or for the purpose of) providing information and necessary services to help connect you or members of your household with other available food programs. Your information will be stored securely and shared only with those delivery companies who have a need to access your information for these purposes. The confidentiality of your personal information will be protected to the fullest extent permitted by law.
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