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  • What if I won't be home?
    We can't make the delivery if someone isn’t home to retrieve the food. If you won’t be home, call us as soon as you can at (786) 922-3597. We can try to reschedule to another day or let you pick up the meals yourself at your convenience.
  • How I can share feedback?
    If you have any comments about the food, the driver, the schedule, or anything else about the program, please share your feedback at (786) 922-3597. We’d love to know any recommendations to improve the program.
  • What if I couldn't find my driver?
    If a delivery arrived, but you couldn’t find the vehicle, call us at (786) 922-3597. We’ll check that the address is correct and collect any extra info to find your residence. We cannot guarantee we’ll be able to deliver another set of meals.
  • What if I want to drop out?
    Give us call at (786)-922-3597 to remove yourself from the program.
  • What if I want to sign up?
    We can’t guarantee we’ll be accepting new applicants, but you can call us at (786) 922-3597 to check.
  • What's in the Delivery?
    Health in the Hood will provide a set of healthy, balanced pre-cooked meals. They will be refrigerated, so they’ll just need to be warmed up to eat. Each meal has a protein, a grain, and a vegetable. Every day might have different types of food, but they’ll always be focused on healthy eating! If you have any allergies or dietary requests, please call us at (786) 922-3597 for more info on the day’s meals. The number of meals will be based on the information shared at sign-up combined with our availability.
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